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OunTravela specializes in countries with little tourism, including large areas which only limit is your imagination! On our website, we strike to be concise and to give you practical and useful information for you to plan your Road-Trip. You’ll find travel guides, maps and many blog posts about itineraries, budget, etc.

Our mission is to inspire people to travel without a specific itinerary, letting themselves go according to the landscapes and the encounters. We believe it is way more than a way of travelling, it’s a philosophy. Improvisation and adaptation are the key words of this philosophy that we called “the forgotten path philosophy“. So, don’t you forget to let your imagination run and get adapted to the environment, culture and people around you. Warning: travelling on vehicles, such as 4x4s and motorcycles can seriously damage the environment. We rely on you to be respectful.





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Our tips for your next overland trip

We don’t claim to be Mike Horn or a group of Paris-Dakar experts! However, our many 4×4-and-motorcycle travelling experiences have allowed us to learn from our mistakes, both in terms of driving in rough surfaces (desert, mountain, etc.) and in terms of the basic mechanical problems that we have learned to fix by ourselves.

We are thus sharing several practical sheets with very useful information: choice of the vehicle, mechanics, driving on sand, etc. 

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