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Why travel to Oman ?

Oman is a country almost unknown to tourists, yet it is one of the most stable countries in the region. It has an incredible diversity of landscapes, from wadis lost in the mountains to white sand dunes flowing into the sea. Landscapes will take your breath away!

It is extremely easy (and recommended) to do wilderness camping throughout the country. Drinking water spots are available in all villages and it is very easy to find a good 4×4 to enjoy the journey!

The itinerary indicated on the map below is the optimized one for a two-week trip, considering the different trips we made there. We were largely inspired by the trails of the “Oman Off Road” book.

How to plan your road-trip in Oman ?

To plan your route, we recommend you to buy the Oman Off Road book and have a functional GPS. This book is a Bible! It suggests 38 beautiful tracks that will surely help you to plan your own itinerary. Warning: it is often out of stock in Europe, but you can find it in any bookstore in Muscat. It will be essential, if you want to get out of the tarmac lanes, to rent a powerful 4×4 (read what 4×4 to choose article). If you are planning to head off to the Wahiba desert or to the “Sugar Dunes”, we recommend you to have some basic knowledges of sand-driving (read the Sand-Driving article) and/or to split the group in two cars (which will allow you to quickly get out of the sand). To access the Sayq plateau, a 4×4 vehicle is mandatory and Police checks are made.

The desert climate requires you to have your trip scheduled between October and May, otherwise temperatures can reach 50°C.

Our Oman off road GPS tracks

Practical Info for your road-trip to Oman

Spoken languages


Some English

Tip: have a small lexicon with you


E-visa: €45, valid for 30 days

or €12, valid for 10 days.

(no logic whatsoever, we agree!)

Air tickets

€ 300 – 400 round trip

Season: from October to May

cost of living

– Food: €5 – 10 for a meal at the restaurant

– Airbnb Muscat: €20 – 30

– Wild camping allowed throughout the country

– Fuel: 0.5€/L

4×4 rental

– Price: 70 to 90€/day

– Vehicle: Toyota Prado/Landcruiser

Warning: the mileage is often limited (200km/day or 124 miles/day). Get a GPS (the mobile phone with a good application like OsmAnd is also an option)

moto rental

It’s difficult to rent a bike in Oman without going through a tour operator with a guide (over €200 a day). In any case, it is essential to master sand driving to consider going throughout the country on a motorcycle!

Budget for a road-trip to Oman

Our travel budget for a group of 3 people – 2 weeks – 12 days by 4×4 (May 2017)

PriceDaysGroup TotalIndiv Total
4×4 rental (Toyota Land Cruiser) 75 € /day12 900 €300 €
Accommodation in Mascat (AirBnB)20 € /day240 €13,33 €
Food6 € /day/pers14252 €84 €
Fuel25 € /day12300 €100 €
Vehicle repairs90 €90 €30 €
Air tickets370 €1110 €370 €
Others (camping equipment, taxi)80 €80 €26,67 €
Ferry Masirah45 €135 €45 €
Excess mileage charges60 €60 €20 €
Oman Off Road book40 €40 €13,3 €
TOTAL3007,00 € 1002,30 €/pers


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