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Adventure guide book publisher

Halfway between a tourist guide and a road-book, OunTravela books are collections of detailed maps, photographs and practical information. An original format allowing the reader to compose his own itinerary with a perfect knowledge of the terrain!

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Resource and inspiration center

Are you looking for adventure and original destinations? We provide you with articles, maps, itinerary suggestions, practical advice (equipment, health, mechanics, etc.) to help you organize your next trip off the beaten track!

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Local guide linking platform

In order to support local tourism actors and to help you organize your trip, we have created a platform to put you in touch with local guides (trekking, horse riding, rafting, etc.) and rental companies (motorcycle, 4x4, bicycle, etc.) in the countries we visited.

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Adventure guide book and GPS routes

Crossed from west to east by the Celestial Mountains and the famous Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan is a land of contrast and wild beauty. Nestled at an average altitude of 2700 m, the country is home to the foothills of the Himalayas. In this book, we invite you to discover the most beautiful 4x4, van, motorcycle and bicycle off-road routes of the country.

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Adventure guide book and GPS routes

This book is an invitation to explore the wildest corners of the Himalayas. Home to a thousand year old Tibetan Buddhist culture, Ladakh abounds in exceptional and preserved natural sites. From picturesque valleys to high plateaus, you will cross the highest moutain passes in the world.

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Our latest reviews

2 months ago
Markus Amrein

The first book on Ladakh was already beautiful and this one is no less a jewel among travel books. Practical and valuable information paired with great pictures makes you want to set off immediately. Congratulations on this new masterpiece!

4 months ago

A great book! It's beautiful to look at, it's the perfect size to take with you, and it's crafted with great attention to detail! It makes you want to pack your things right away and drive off! The GPS data can also be processed without any problems. Congratulations on this great book!

11 months ago

I just got it, can’t wait to go test the tracks this summer! Anyway the pictures are beautiful and the plans very detailed, it will be a pleasure!
Thanks to the team!

1 year ago

Good reception, the book is very interesting and the pictures superb! I particularly like the info points on culture and animals. You can buy with your eyes closed.
Congratulations to the team

1 year ago

Perfect to organize a road trip! And the pictures are beautiful!

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