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Our travel philosophy

At first, we drive down the marked road which brings us to the the “favorites”, according to Le Routard, or “must see”, according to LonelyPlanet. This road is used by the majority of travelers who seek to quickly discover the most beautiful sites quickly.

Then on this road, we identify a secondary route that looks nice. We planned to walk this way because it was described in a forum. We are almost alone now, it’s a beautiful journey off the beaten path allowing us to avoid the hubbub of tourists and see the true country!

But finally on this secondary route, we find a little path that sinks into a totally unknown region. All our philosophy is based on this little path! Everything is different here: the encounters become more authentic, the landscape wilder, and the exploration makes simple things more beautiful. We start losing ourselves without knowing where we will sleep next night. Freedom is total …


We improvise according to meetings, weather and landscapes!

bivouac feu de camp au Kirghizistan équipe OunTravela
Sophie Polydor rencontre une femme nomade au Kirghizistan

But if OunTravela provides us with the “small path” and everybody drives the same, do we lose the goal ? We give you the tools to prepare your exploration and we want to give you inspiration and not serve you on a plateau a marked path. On site you will find all the ingredients to improvise day by day! The destinations we suggest are always not very touristy and preserved. You will find thousands of small paths there!


Our adventure guide books

Halfway between the road-book and the tourist guide, our books are collections of photographs and detailed maps of the most beautiful routes in a country or region. This original format allows you to compose your own itinerary. While having a perfect knowledge of the terrain, you will be able to improvise your route according to your favourites in complete autonomy. The routes we propose in these books cross a variety of landscapes: valleys, rivers, lakes, mountains, steppes, deserts… This type of road-trip is intended to be close to nature and the inhabitants. You can sleep in the middle of nature or in a host family. In addition, our books provide all the practical information necessary for the smooth running of an autonomous trip (equipment, health, mechanics…). A part is devoted to the environment and the culture of the country.

guide de voyage Ladakh Inde Himalaya roadbook moto
Travel guidebook about Kyrgyzstan, central Asia : 24 of the best off-road routes
travel guide book georgia caucasus tbilisi roadbook
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