4×4 rental in Kyrgyzstan: rent an off-road car in Bishkek or Osh

Why travel by 4×4 in Kyrgyzstan?

Sheltering the foothills of the Himalayas, Kyrgyzstan is 90% mountainous. There are few asphalt roads and they connect the big cities (Bishkek, Osh, Karakol,…). Staying on these main roads means missing the beauty and diversity of the landscapes that the country offers. To access remote and wild areas, 4 wheel drive will be essential. It is also possible to cross the country by motorbike, mountain bike, on foot or on horseback. Beyond the discovery of sumptuous landscapes, this trip is also an immersion in the thousand-year-old nomadic culture of Central Asia. It is possible to sleep in yurts in the homes of locals or to camp in the middle of the mountains to enjoy a starry sky without light pollution.

In Kyrgyzstan, there are thousands of trails suitable for exploration. Our book “Explore Kyrgyzstan” (available in February 2020) offers you a selection of 20 4×4 tracks across the country. If you have little or no experience, you should know that our tracks are classified by difficulty level from 1 to 5 and 80% of them are in the easy or medium category.

Tip: There are relatively few 4×4 rental agencies in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we recommend that you book your 4×4 in advance, as they leave very quickly !

What type of 4×4 to rent to travel in Kyrgyzstan?

There are many manufacturers and 4×4 models, but not all of them are present in Kyrgyzstan. So as not to get lost, we have written an article about the best 4×4s for rent. To this list of 4×4, you can add the Russian 4×4 of the UAZ brand, they will be less reliable than a Toyota Land Cruiser but have a very marked style that will please some!

The predominant brand in Kyrgyzstan and also in all of Central Asia is Toyota. If you have a problem during your road-trip with a Toyota car, it will be easier to find a garage and parts than for other less common brands.

In order to help you find a 4×4 for your trip to Kyrgyzstan, we put you in contact with rental companies we know and trust. 

Rules of conduct in Kyrgyzstan

Caution and vigilance should be exercised with regard to the behaviour of other drivers, especially in Bishkek where traffic is heavy and on the main roads. Driving in Kyrgyzstan can be very dangerous. In addition, it should be noted that premises are rarely insured. It is therefore rare to call the police, the slightest accident is usually settled with a few bills.
During your travels on paved roads you will have to take into account the presence (or rather the omnipresence) of the police. They will stop you for the slightest deviation (dipped headlights not turned on in the middle of the day, speeding,…). Most of them being corrupt, trading is allowed… Don’t be fooled if the fine seems excessive, some will abuse your position as a tourist.

For more general information about Kyrgyzstan, visit our Kyrgyzstan page or our book Explore Kyrgyzstan.

4×4 rental insurance in Kyrgyzstan

Usually rental companies in Kyrgyzstan will offer you insurance. If you do not have credit card coverage, take the insurance offered by the rental agency or car rental company. They usually offer Collision Damage Waiver coverage which covers a portion of the damage to the rental vehicle in the event of an incident. We also recommend that you plan a small “repair” budget, a simple flat tire can quickly happen!

State of roads in Kyrgyzstan

As mentioned above, roads are only asphalted on major roads. To access Lake Issyk Kul, the main cities (Karakol, Kochkor, Naryn, Osh,…) you will not need a 4×4. On the other hand, to access the mountainous areas and the most beautiful natural sites of the country, you will have to drive on tracks whose condition is directly subject to weather conditions. Fords, mud and landslides can therefore occur on certain sections. You will therefore understand the interest of having a higher, more powerful, 4 wheel drive vehicle.

4×4 rental with driver in Kyrgyzstan

Some travellers may prefer to use the services of a driver to travel to Kyrgyzstan. This can have several advantages if you have no experience driving a 4×4 or mechanics in the event of a problem. Drivers are familiar with their vehicles, can serve as translators, and are used to driving on uncertain tracks.

Rent a 4×4 in Bishkek

Of course, Bishkek is where most of the rental agencies are located. There are not many rental companies, but the market is growing. Here is a selection of very serious and professional rental companies.

Almaz – The Toyota specialist in Bishkek

Rated 5 out of 5

If you are looking for an easy to drive and “passe partout” 4×4, we recommend the Land Cruiser of Almaz! We call him Mr Toyota because he knows everything about these machines, a real mechanical ace! He has a fleet of 7 Toyota Land Cruisers (series 78 and Prado) that will take you everywhere!

Almaz speaks English and Russian. He will be able to explain you all the functions of the car and will give you very good advice for driving in Kyrgyzstan (especially with the local police).

louer landcruiser 70 series au kirghizistan
louer landcruiser 70 series au kirghizistan

Toyota Land Cuiser 78 series 4.2L diesel 130 HP

The legendary and timeless Land Cruiser 78 Series symbolizes absolute reliability. It is used by all humanitarian organizations and long-haul travellers all over the world.

July to August 88 $/ day
May to June + September 77 $ / day
October to April 66 $ / day


louer landcruiser 70 series au kirghizistan

Toyota Land Cuiser Prado 3.0L Turbo Diesel 164 HP

One of the best all-terrain 4x4s that is also very comfortable! The OunTravela team had rented this 4x4 in June 2017 for a 2 weeks road-trip: a faultless one! We didn't encounter any problems. Moreover, it is very easy to drive if you are new to driving a 4x4.

July to August 88 $/ day
May to June + September 77 $ / day
October to April 66 $ / day



Rated 5 out of 5
5 June 2020


Rated 5 out of 5
9 December 2019

Nous ne pouvons que conseiller les 4×4 d’Almaz ! En 2017, nous avions loué un de ses Toyota Prado. Nous avons pu faire le col Tossor sans problème par exemple (voir nos traces dans notre article). Almaz parle couramment anglais. Tous ses véhicules sont très bien assurés, tout est carré avec lui, foncé 🙂 Un loueur de 4×4 comme on aimerait en trouver partout !


useful info
  • Minimum age 22 years and 2 years driving experience.
  • Deposit: 200 euros or dollars
  • No pre-payment – Payment in full upon receipt of the vehicle in Bishkek
  • An all damage insurance is included in the price of the vehicle.
  • The insurance covers all damages to the car (which you pay only 200 USD).
  • If you have an accident with another car, your liability insurance covers you up to 9000 USD. The average cost of a car in Kyrgyzstan is USD 5000.
  • The insurance does not work if you drive it while intoxicated, if you seriously violate traffic regulations, or if you drive it to places where there are no roads at all. You can use our car for off-road driving, but it must be a track.
  • In case of a car breakdown, we proceed in stages:
  1.  We try to repair it on the spot with the help of the locals and the local garage. And if necessary, we ship it to Bishkek.
  2. If it cannot be repaired on the spot, we send you a replacement car if we have a spare car.
  3. If we don’t have a spare car, we send you a taxi with driver to drive you until we repair the car.
  4. If even this doesn’t work, we return the money for the unused days.

Contact Almaz now !

    Rent an off-road 4×4 in Osh

    Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan. Accessible in only 1 hour by plane from Bishkek, it is also the gateway to Tajikistan (Pamir Road) and Uzbekistan. It is easy to find good 4×4 rental in Osh. Here are our recommendations:

    Aibek – A fleet of 4×4 all-terrain vehicles in Osh

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Aibek is passionate about motorcycles and 4×4, so it is quite natural that he decided to put his passion at the service of tourists wishing to travel through Kyrgyzstan by motorized vehicles. With the experience of the last few years he has even created his own garage, open in particular to passing travelers. Speaking fluent English and Russian, Aibek will be able to advise you and accompany you in the preparation of your trip. In addition to car rentals, he also offers guided tours throughout the country.

    louer landcruiser 70 series au kirghizistan
    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4x4 95 series à louer au Kirghizistan

    Toyota Prado series 95 - 2.7L gasoline

    The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a very efficient 4x4 on the tracks. Moreover it is spacious and comfortable with its 7 available seats! Its 2.7L petrol engine consumes on average 13L per 100km in town and between 12 and 17L per 100km on the track. The transmission is manual. With a 90L fuel tank and a second 60L tank, you will be completely autonomous in gasoline. The vehicle is also equipped with a spare tire, ABS system, air conditioning and a few tools if needed. The number of km is unlimited.

    1 to 7 days 100 $ / day
    8 to 14 days 90 $ / day
    15 to 90 days 80 $ / day


    Toyota Land Cruiser 75 series location Kirghizistan

    Toyota Landcruiser series 70 - 4.2L diesel

    The legend! This 70 series landcruiser is the king of the off-road.
    Characteristics: With its 4.2L V6 Diesel engine, it consumes an average of 10L per 100km on the road and between 12 and 15L per 100km on the track. The transmission is manual (5 speeds).  With its two 90L tanks you will be totally autonomous. 10 seats are available in the car. The vehicle is also equipped with a spare tire, differential lock, air conditioning and some tools if needed. The number of km is unlimited.

    1 to 7 days 120 $ / day
    8 to 14 days 110 $ / day
    15 to 90 days 90 $ / day



    Rated 5 out of 5
    5 June 2020

    We had a perfect rental experience with Oibek. The Toyota Prado was exactly what we needed. Oibek gave us useful informations how to drive it and I would highly recommend him. We had all the correct paperwork and no problem with this strong Toyota. Many thanks!


    useful info
    • Minimum age 22 years and 2 years driving experience.
    • Deposit: 500 euros or dollars
    • Prepayment of 25% of the total price for the reservation
    • All damage insurance is included in the price of the vehicle for Kyrgyzstan.
    • Unlimited mileage
    • Insurance for Tajikistan is optional.
    • Optional luggage rack

    Contact Aibek now !

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