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4×4 rental in Georgia, Tbilisi & Kutaisi

4×4 or van? insurance, road condition, rental companies, etc.

In this article, you will find all our tips for renting a car in Georgia: Which car ? city car, van or 4×4? Insurance, driving rules, road conditions. We also offer a selection of reliable rental companies in Tbilisi and Kutaisi.

If you are planning a road trip to Georgia, our book EXPLORE GEORGIA will be of great help!

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Travelling in Georgia

Georgia? Not the American state of Martin Luther King, but this amazing, underrated country on the borders of Europe. Snow-capped peaks with centuries-old churches and watchtowers, mysterious valleys with ancient cave dwellings, and above all, and incredible hospitality… Georgia is the ideal destination for travellers and overlanders who want to experience an adventure off the beaten track. Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Georgia is easily accessible from Europe.  You can rent a car, van, 4×4, motorbike or bicycle for a good price! In this article, we give you some tips for car, van and 4×4 rental.

The best rental car for Georgia, 4×4, van or city car?

If you are on a budget, renting a car can be an economical way to travel around Georgia. However, the most beautiful areas are only accessible with an all-terrain vehicle, so it would be a shame to miss out! By car, you will be able to use all the main roads as well as the level 1 and 2 trails of our book EXPLORE GEORGIA. However, for greater comfort and safety, especially on the mountain trails, we recommend a 4×4 or a vehicle with high ground clearance.

Georgia is the largest car importing country in the world, so the car market is very diverse, as is the rental market. To make sure you don’t get lost, we’ve written an article about the best 4×4 to rent for travelling. To this list of 4×4, you can add the Russian UAZ Buhanka or hunter, they will certainly be less reliable than a Toyota Land Cruiser, but will largely do for your road-trip!

The two predominant brands in Georgia and the Caucasus region are Toyota and Mitsubishi. UAZ and Nissan are also quite common. If you have a problem during your road-trip with a Mitsubishi car, it is easier to find a garage and spare parts. It is best to take this into account when choosing your vehicle! Although Georgian mechanics have a bad reputation, they will be able to help you in case of a small problem.

louer 4x4 delica
Toyota Land Cruiser 75 series location Kirghizistan
location de van 4x4 UAZ Buhanka à Bishkek au Kirghizistan

Driving rules in Georgia

The first rule of driving in Georgia is speed control. It is important to be attentive and to respect the speed limits. The condition of roads and tracks may vary greatly from a region to another. Moreover, Georgian driving is not exemplary, even rather dangerous, as they do not respect (or know?) the traffic rules. Also be careful as you will often come across stray animals on the side of the road (horses, cows, pigs, etc.). Beware of dogs, especially sheepdogs which are territorial and can be aggressive.

Compared to Central Asian countries, the police seem less corrupt. During our 4 months of exploration in 2021, we were only stopped once for an alcohol test (negative!). There is zero tolerance for drinking and driving. So please be careful with your consumption.

Insurance and 4×4 rental in Georgia

It is not compulsory to insure your vehicle in Georgia, but it is strongly recommended. Most Georgians do not have insurance and will settle out of court in the event of an accident.

Rental cars are normally all insured. The insurance covers part of the damage to the rental car in the event of an incident. It also includes your civil liability, i.e. the damage you may cause to others in an accident.

Apart from car insurance, it is advisable to have your own insurance in case of medical problems.

In the event of an accident and depending on the damage, you can call the police to establish the accident. A small “repair” budget is advisable because a flat tyre can happen even if you’re careful.

Road condition in Georgia

The roads connecting the main cities of Georgia are paved and are generally in good condition. You will therefore have no problems between the main cities (Tblisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, etc.) and on the Military Road that links Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz (Russia) through the Great Caucasus. On the other hand, you will have to be more careful on the country roads, especially in the mountains. Every year, landslides and floods can damage the mountain roads, which are almost always under construction! Therefore, even if you stay on asphalt, drive carefully. You may encounter potholes, bumps or debris.

When the road is not tarmac (often), it is bumpy or dirt tracks that can be slippery with a little rain. To help you, we have classified the trails in the EXPLORE GEORGIA book by difficulty level from 1 to 5. Some of the trails are well maintained, such as in Vashlovani Park, and others can be more difficult. Please note that the level of difficulty varies according to the weather, floods and possible landslides. If in doubt about a route, ask local people, tourist offices or our Facebook group.

Some border areas with Georgia require a special permit which can be obtained at the border police office.

Rent a 4×4 with driver in Georgia

Some travellers prefer to use the services of a driver to travel in Georgia. This can have several advantages if you have no experience of driving 4×4s or mechanics in case something goes wrong. Drivers know their vehicles well, can act as your translator, and are used to driving on mountain trails. Delica Mitsubishi drivers are easily found near tourist areas (Tuchetia, Svanetia, Kazbegi, etc.).

Rent a 4×4 in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is obviously the place where most of the rental agencies are located. Here is a selection of very serious and professional rental companies at local prices.

Temo – reliable 4×4 with roftent option for travelling in Georgia!

Rated 5 out of 5


Temo’s small family-run agency offers reliable vehicles and attentive service!

Passionate about photography and the beauty of his country, Temo launched his car and 4×4 rental agency a few years ago. His vehicles are perfectly maintained and Temo, who speaks fluent English, will give you very good advice to organize your trip.

He has cars to suit all tastes and budgets, from sturdy Toyota Land Cruisers and Nissan Patrols to Mitsubishi Montero Sports and small SUVs like Subaru Foresters.

The OunTravela team knows Temo very well and he has become a friend. He helped us a lot during our exploration of Georgia. He speaks fluent Georgian, English and Russian.

louer landcruiser 70 series au kirghizistan

Toyota Land Cruiser 100, 4.5L Petrol Automatic

The Toyota Land Cruiser is our favourite 4x4 for off-road driving, it is powerful, reliable and very comfortable! Plus, it's easy to drive if you're new to 4x4 driving. You can drive anywhere in Georgia! It is a 4.5L petrol engine with automatic transmission. The car has 7 seats.

High season (April to October) 85 € / day
Low season (November to March) 75 € / day

There is a 10% discount over 10 days rental.

The price includes :

- Insurance
- Unlimited mileage
- Delivery of the vehicle in Tbilisi

Nissan Patrol Safari, 4.8L Petrol Automatic

The Nissan Patrol was designed for off-road. Its powerful engine and high ground clearance will allow you to travel with confidence in Georgia. It is also very comfortable and can accommodate up to 7 people. It is a 4.8L petrol engine with automatic transmission.

High season (April to October) 85 € / day
Low season (November to March) 75 € / day

There is a 10% discount over 10 days rental.

The price includes :

- Insurance
- Unlimited mileage
- Delivery of the vehicle in Tbilisi

Montero Sport 3.0L Petrol Automatic

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport offers superb off-road capabilities. It climbs easily, and will allow you to travel with confidence on any type of track. Temo has 3 models with a 3L petrol engine and automatic transmission. There are 5 seats. The 3 models are blue, green and beige.

High season (April to October) 70 € / day
Low season (November to March) 60 € / day

There is a 10% discount over 10 days rental.

The price includes :

- Insurance
- Unlimited mileage
- Delivery of the vehicle in Tbilisi

Subaru Forester 2.5L Petrol Automatic

The Subaru Forester is a small SUV offering comfort, safety and versatility on Georgian roads. The 4x4 mode will allow you to drive with confidence on mountain roads. However, beware of the low ground clearance of this vehicle. Temo has a model with a 2.5L petrol engine and automatic transmission. There are 5 seats.

High season (April to October) 60 € / day
Low season (November to March) 50 € / day

There is a 10% discount over 10 days rental.

The price includes :

- Insurance
- Unlimited mileage
- Delivery of the vehicle in Tbilisi


  • Available on all vehicule
  • 2 people roof tent 140 x 200cm
  • Camping equipment included (cooking set, table, chairs, stove, solar portable shower, etc.)

Price : 20€ / day 
10% discount for 10+ days rental


Rated 5 out of 5
10 April 2022

All the countries we have visited and hired cars this one was the most convenient and reliable one with clear communication.

No hidden costs and just plain straight forward service.

The owner came to drop the car off at our hotel which was very convenient and also came to collect it once we had to return it.

They communicated very quickly via email and WhatsApp. I can highly recommend their services.

We rented the Subaru forester for 5 days for the drive from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. We spent a good amount of time driving to the small towns and villages on various roads. The roads in the rural areas aren’t great and the driving is challenging, the Subaru was absolutely excellent for a family of 4.

We requested 2 car seats and they sent us images on the ones we could choose from. We had some issues with other car companies in the past that gave us baby seats that were waayyyy to small.

No such issues with Family cars Georgia. As an added note – I picked up that many of the cars in Georgia do use rather unknown branded tires.

The Subaru we hired was running on Bridgestone tyres…

And on roads like you find in Georgia…. Or lack of roads I appreciated the branded tyres we received from this company.


Avatar for Hannes-Ras Patat Loubser
Hannes-Ras Patat Loubser
Rated 5 out of 5
15 February 2022

I had a truly remarkable experience while renting from Temo.

Temo became more of a friend than a rental agent. Booking the car was as simple as WhatsApp messages and emails. The car was delivered to my location at the exact time I wanted.

Since Temo actually owns the business, he takes really good care of his cars and his clients.

He kindly checks on you regularly and answers any questions immediately, car related or otherwise.

Since driving in Georgia had its own challenges, I got all the confidence I needed feeling assured that he is always there if I ever needed anything. He even went the extra mile and dropped us to the airport 🙂

I booked the Mitsubishi Montero Sport and the car was a classic beast. For 11 days I drove it through every terrain across Georgia, including Kazbegi, Mestia and Ushguli. It didn’t fail any challenge or climb and made it look easy, and this shows how well maintained the car was.

I’m very happy to have found my go to guy for cars in Georgia. I wholeheartedly thank Temo for making my trip so memorable.


Avatar for Nabil
Rated 5 out of 5
9 February 2022

We hired a car from Temo in August 2021. He delivered the car in Kutaisi for us, super service! Temo was very friendly and helped us with everything. The car was perfectly in order, with no problems in the 18 days that we hired the car. I could recommend you hire a car from Temo! I will add some pictures of the car that we got in the comments.


Wij hebben in augustus 2021 een auto gehuurd bij Temo. Aangezien wij in Kutaisi landde heeft Temo de auto helemaal van Tbilisi hier na toe gebracht voor ons. Super services. Temo is erg vriendelijk en wil je overal mee helpen, ook met zaken die niet gerelateerd zijn aan de auto. Hij was tijdens de reis goed te bereiken via de telefoon. De auto die ons geleverd was was perfect in orde en we hebben in 18 dagen geen problemen onderweg ervaren. Ik kan de services van Family cars/Temo echt aanraden als je opzoek bent naar een auto. Ik zal wat foto’s van onze auto toevoegen in de opmerkingen!

Avatar for Shelly and Nick
Shelly and Nick

Useful info (insurance, mileage, etc.)
  • Minimum of 3 days for the rental
  • Driver must be over 21 years old
  • Cars check-in with a full tank and check-out with a full tank
  • No extra cost for an additional driver
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Cars include a phone holder and phone charger
  • 10% discount on rental period over 10 days.
  • Free delivery in Tbilisi.
  • No deposit required
  • Payment method: cash
  • INSURANCE INCLUDED: Vehicles are insured with a $100 deductible and 10% in case of total loss.
    Third party liability: $30,000.
    Medical assistance in case of car accident driver and passenger: 10 000$ (2500$ per passenger) except in the following cases


    1. Driving while drunk (zero tolerance for alcohol)
    2. Accident on bridges and tunnels due to your fault (where overdriving is prohibited)
    3. Tyre damage (tearing the tyre on something) 100 % penalty

  • Cars are going through regular maintenance, as well as checks before rental delivery.
  • During the rental period, Temo is constantly available on the phone in case any assistance is needed, would that be a recommendation, advice, translation, or other needs.

Contact Temo

Your message will be sent to the rental company who will reply within 48 hours to confirm the price, availability and answer your questions.