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Olivia & Victor


“A couple of wildlings” – that describes us pretty well!

Seriously, where does OunTravela come from?

OunTravela was born out of a travel philosophy that we both share and which we have named the small path philosophy (check out our article about this). This travel philosophy is based on the exploration and discovery of the unknown. We like getting lost and disorientated, we like to struggle and, above all, having to improvise. Our favourite terrain: the great outdoors! 

Co-fondateur OunTravela Victor MICHAUD explorateur

A Business Intelligence Engineer and co-founder of the OunTravela project, Victor worked for 3 years as a database consultant at Airbus. Passionate about data and maps, off-road travel has become his specialty! 

The desire to share his passion for off-road travel has taken over aeronautical data management which is why he is now working full-time on the OunTravela project!

Membre équipe exploration OunTravela Olivia CASARI

Co-founder of the OunTravela project, Olivia has always been a great traveller and lover of the wilderness. Now a vet, photographer and filmmaker, this new project is both a challenge and a personal accomplishment allowing her to combine all her passions.

Her first documentary film “Asma”, both poetic and humanistic, traces the exile of seven young Sudanese refugees to France.


Clermont Fu

Clermont is a young photographer and video maker from Taiwan. Passionate about motorcycles and extreme adventures, he is also the founder of a luxury wedding photography agency in Paris, Agence 520. He follows us on all our adventures and has contributed many of the images on this site!

Antoine Pupin Explorateur

Antoine is the third rider of the group. He is always there whatever the adventure. He’s a bit like our Mike Horn, or our Mary Poppins because he always has a solution to problems on the ground.

Caroline MICHAUD lesmicho equipe ountravela design

Caroline is the team’s graphic designer. At each stage of the adventure, she brings her critical and artistic eye to OunTravela’s visual identity.

Her human qualities, her talent and her passion for the mountains complement our team of adventurers perfectly!

Caroline MICHAUD lesmicho equipe ountravela design

James is from England and joined the team as a translator. Passionate about cycling adventures, he is now setting out to work in bike tourism in the Alps.