Overland travel tips

Choosing your vehicle, 4×4 equipment, camping gear, driving rules, insurance, first-aid kit, etc.

Planning a road trip? Here are the essential questions to ask yourself before you go:

  • What is my budget?
  • How long will my trip last?
  • Buy or rent?
  • How many passengers will we be?
  • What type of terrain will we encounter?
  • What climates will we face?

In the articles below, we’ll try to give you some advice that takes all these criteria into account, whether it’s camping equipment, travel insurance, choice of vehicle, specific equipment, etc. Enjoy your reading!

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Insurance and health for a worry-free road-trip

Staying healthy and safe during a road-trip is essential to getting the most out of the experience. Make sure you have a first-aid kit with essential medicines and appropriate travel insurance!


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First-Aid Kit

Rent or buy a 4×4?

For short to medium-term trips (from 3 days to several weeks), renting is the simplest and most economical option. In our article we give you the criteria for choosing the 4×4 best suited to your trip. Once you’ve chosen the model you’re interested in and the rental company, you’ll need to do a few checks.

For longer trips, you’ll have no choice but to buy your vehicle. You’ll then be joining the big family of “overlanders”. We’ve prepared an article explaining the criteria you need to take into account when buying a 4×4. These criteria depend on your destination, the type of road you’ll be taking, etc. 


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Best 4×4 to rent


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Best 4×4 to buy

4×4 equipment

All our advice on equipping your 4×4: off-road equipment, tires, roof tents, etc. Choosing the right equipment will help you travel more safely and comfortably. Not to be underestimated on a long-haul trip.


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Overland tyres


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Roof top tent

Camping and travel equipment

All our tips for finding camping gear that combines quality, comfort, lightness and sturdiness. We also reveal our photo and video equipment 🙂


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Photo & video equipment

Driving tips

There’s no specific license for 4x4s, but there are many rules you need to know, especially if you have to drive through sandy, muddy or river areas. In this article, we give you all the keys to driving on sand. More articles to follow!


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