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Last updated on 11/06/24

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Kol Tor lake access trail and hike

Route condition: A hotel has been built at the end of the trail (at the start of the hike). It is no longer possible to camp at point 2. Access to the parking lot is subject to a charge (approx. 1 euro).


Track in the Chong Kemin valley, hike to Lake Kol Kogur

Route condition: Nothing to report

4x4 trail and horseback ride to Lake Jashil Kul in Chong Kemin Park

Route condition: Nothing to report



Konorchek canyon, 4x4 trail and hiking

Route condition: Following major flooding in 2022, the track has been damaged and is now at level 3-4 (pebbles, subsidence). And be sure to check the weather, because red sand becomes very slippery in the rain. If you go all the way down to point 4, there’s a real risk of slipping with your car and the return journey can be tricky!


trail along Lake Issyk Kul bivouac on the lake and canyon of the forgotten rivers

Route condition: The section between points 7 and 9 along the lake is upgraded to level 4. Make sure you check the weather forecast, because when it rains, the sandy stretches along the lake turn into sticky mud, and you risk slipping or getting stuck if you don’t have suitable tires.

Tosor Pass, hot springs and 4x4 track. Possible hike to Teshik Kul lake

Route condition: Following major flooding in 2022, the small hut that housed the hot spring on the trail was destroyed. Residents have tried to rebuild it, but it’s no longer possible to swim in the pool.



track to the Kumtor mine in the Arabel valley

Route condition: Nothing to report



Arabel pass and Burkhan valley track

Route condition: Nothing to report

chong kyzyl suu valley to weather station, hot spring and hike

Route condition: Beware, every year the condition of the wooden bridges deteriorates. Sometimes residents renovate them, but that’s not always the case, so be careful. Always check on foot before passing. The price of access to the hot spring has risen(250 som).

engilchek trail hot spring

Route condition: Nothing to report


Route condition: Nothing to report

Karkyra valley - forest and nomad yurts

Route condition: The last stretch of track between points 4 and 6 is in the process of being fully asphalted.


kichi naryn gorge

Route condition: Nothing to report

red hills of naryn

Route condition: Nothing to report

song-kul-est, 33 parrots pass

Route condition: nothing to report


song-kul-west Tuz pass

Route condition: Nothing to report

song-kul south, Moldo-Ashuu pass

Route condition: Nothing to report

Kok-Kiya canyon near Lake Kol Suu

Route condition: nothing to report


Lake Kol Suu hiking or horseback riding

Track condition: On the track between Kol-Suu and Torugart, bad weather completely destroyed the bridge, which was already in poor condition. The track has been diverted but is poorly marked, with fords and numerous sandy passages in the riverbed (level 4).

track between baetov and tash rabat the caravanserai

Route condition: Nothing to report

Bseh Tash park and Manas tomb

Route condition: [Août 2022] The link between routes 21 and 22, which was blocked by a rockfall when we visited in June 2019, is now accessible. However, this is clearly a level 5 trail: very, very narrow cliffside track on the heights of the pass, hairpin bends and 2 very technical fords.


Toktogul reservoir

Route condition: Please note that the starting point indicated on the map is no longer possible, as many irrigation canals and some fields cover the track. Points 4 and 2 can be reached from GPS points: 41.89932, 72.86834. Between points 5 and 6, the track is cut off due to the floods of 2022.

lake tulpar kul Achik Tash valley at the foot of peak Lenin

Route condition: Nothing to report

trail to Lenin peak base camp

Route condition: nothing to report


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