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Travel by 4×4

Which 4×4 to choose, equipment, driving basics…

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Are you planning to travel by 4×4? Here are the essential questions to ask yourself before you leave:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How long is my trip?
  • Buying or renting?
  • How many passengers will we be?
  • What types of terrain will we encounter?
  • What climates will we encounter?

We will try to give you different advices taking into account all these criteria in the articles below.


It is the simplest and most economical option for short to medium trips (from 3 days to several weeks).

In this article we give you the criteria to choose the most suitable 4×4 for your trip. Once you have chosen the model you are interested in and the renter, you will have to make some checks. We explain it all here.


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The best 4×4 to rent


You’ve decided to take the big step and buy your 4×4 before leaving on your trip? You’re joining the big family of “overlanders”. We have prepared an article explaining the criteria to take into account when buying a 4×4. These criteria depend on your destination, the type of road you will take, etc… Read it here.


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Which 4×4 to buy ?

4×4 gear

All our advice to equip your 4×4: off-road equipment, tires, roof tent… Choosing them well will allow you to travel with more safety and comfort. Which is not negligible for a long journey.


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Roof Top tent

Driving tips

There is no specific permit for 4×4’s, however there are many rules to know, especially if you have to cross sandy or muddy areas or rivers. In this article, we give you all the keys to drive on the sand. Other articles will follow!


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