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What to see in UAE? our favorite places



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Rub Al-Khali Sands

The genuine desert! Rub Al Khali is the largest desert in the world, it crosses part of the country, and there it is better preserved. To be discovered: for the pleasure of waking up in the middle of the dunes, and enjoying a blazing sunset or a starry sky. Please ensure that one member of the team master sand-driving and split the group in two vehicles (which will allow you to quickly get out of sand, in case in trouble).

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couché de soleil désert uae
oryx sauvage uae
uae 4x4 off road toyota

Off-Roading between Liwa and Al-Ain  

There is a small “secret” trail that runs from Liwa to Al Ain along the borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Dunes with peach tones, a real playground for sand-driving. We were also lucky to be able to watch wildlife wich is difficult elsewhere in the Emirates (Arabian Oryx …). Before you head off on this track, ensure you have a suitable supply of water (minimum 4 liters per person a day).

“Stairway to Heaven” hike

A hike through the northern mountains of the country, with more than 1500 meters height difference in 15 kms: a beautiful challenge rewarded by amazing rocky landscapes and a breathtaking view over the canyon! It’s different from the desert, which covers almost the whole country! Warning: good physical condition required.

stairway to heaven marche uae
uae randonnée vers le paradis
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Camel Race

Not to be missed under any circumstances! Between September and March, early in the morning around 7:30 am (at 8:30 am the show is already over), camel races take place three to four times a week. Hundreds of camels galloping on the tracks at a crazy speed. They carry on their backs remotely controlled tiny robot jockeys . Races are moments of intense emotional release. Owners of the animals drive their 4×4, follow their camels on parallel tracks, honk and howl to encourage them. Ambiance…


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