What to see in Oman? Our favorite places


Wahiba Sands

This desert which took the name of the Bedouins of the Wahibi tribe has a 10,000km² surface. You can either circumvent it, or cross it! The most practical part, and the one that we recommend you if you are a sand driving beginner, is the one starting Bidiyah and ending at “1001 nights” camp. In order to cross Wahiba sands all the way, leave early in the morning, with two powerful 4x4s. The very last part until Qihayd can be quite technical. Everything will depend on how experienced you are with sand driving! Anyway, you will have the feeling of getting lost and this adventure will stay in your memory forever… Always keep an eye on your GPS and check out our article on Sand Driving before heading off!

famille dromadaire oman coucher de soleil
piste oman off road 1001 nights
oman village abandonné
plateau sayq oman paysage - Piste 4x4

Sayq mountains

A winding road takes you to the famous Sayq plateau perched between 2,000 and 2,400 meters. This place is famous because of its amazing geological structures. Here we are far from southern desert landscapes, it is a real chance to cool off and discover the rural life of this part of the country. You will go through charming stone villages, palm groves, cereal fields and large herds of goats. Warning: getting there in 4×4 is mandatory (you’ll come across police checkpoints).

Sugar Dunes

White dunes flowing into the see… an idyllic landscape! And, of course, water is hot, and bathing is highly recommended! The track is right on the beach, between sugar dunes and the sea. Camping on the beach, spending a night under the stars and waking up with sunrise over the sea… We hope it’s enough to convince you!


dunes de sable blanc sugar à Oman qui terminent dans la mer
Les Sugar dunes d'Oman avec antoine pupin : la chaleur se fait sentir !
wadi tiwi oman eau turquoise
wadi Bani Khalid reflet palmiers oman

The turquoise waters of Wadi Bani Khalid & Tiwi

“Wadi” is a term for riverbed. Mirage or reality? In the middle of the rocks, sumptuous pools of fresh water are formed. Bathing is safe out there. It’s refreshing and very beautiful! What more could you ask for? We were often alone to enjoy places. Around these wadis, irrigation systems make agriculture possible. There are varied and amazing landscapes here and there as a result.


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