Which 4×4 for your next off-road trip ?

Criteria to be taken into account


Fuel: prefer the local most common fuel. If you are heading off on a motorcycle and a car, ensure you retain two vehicles requiring the same gas (it may be useful in case of breakdown of one of the vehicles).

Tank: always prefer a 4×4 with a large tank (at least 90L/24 gallons) to avoid to be worrying with the next refill ! The Toyota 4×4 often has large tank (95L/25 gallons) and some are equipped with two separated fuel tanks, wich is safer!

Drive wheels: 4-wheel drive is key for off-road success. Watch out re SUVs: “Sport Utility Vehicle” label is not enough to garanty your safety when driving off-road. Some SUVs are even only 2-wheel drive! You will find below our selection of the best rental 4×4.

Tires: Check that tires are suitable for driving on tracks (unfortunately, it is quite rare on rental cars). Always check the condition of the spare wheel and the jack before heading off.

Car condition: It may sound weird, but stay away from brand new cars! Indeed, driving down winding roads is not risk-free for the car’s bodywork: one branch is enough to scratch the bodywork. The renter will be much more indulgent if he notices a scratch on a used car rather than on a new one!

What is the best off-road 4x4 for your next overland travel ?


4x4 de location pour voyager au Kirghizistan
In rental agencyEquivalent
1Toyota Land CruiserNissan Patrol  -Landrover Defender – Defender – Toyota FJ cuiser –
Jeep Rubicon/sahara
2Toyota PradoJeep Wrangler
3Mitsubishi Pajero SPORTLandrover Discovery
4Nissan PathfinderToyota 4RUNNER

– In the left column, we have listed the best SUVs among those you most often find in rental agencies.

– In the right column, you’ll see 4x4s of equivalent class (less frequent in rental agencies).

– More economical models such as the Renault DUSTER, SUZUKI, Toyota RAV4, Chevrolet Tahoe, etc. are not recommended if you want to go everywhere.

Where to rent a 4x4 to go overlanding ?


International Agencies (AVIS, Hertz, Europcar, etc.)

+ Availability

– Very expensive in case of small scratch or other

– 4×4 not equipped for off-road

Local agency

+ Prices often shipper

+ possibility to find rental companies specialized in Off-Road

– Check reviews on the internet


+ Convenient price

+ 4×4 equipped for off-road

– To be consider on a case per case bases

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