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The OUN Network brings together travelers willing to share travel ideas, tips, experiences, favorites, equipment and more if affinities! This travel community was born from two observations:

famille kirghize rencontre thé avec l'équipe OunTravela

Overland travel is easier together


  • Safety: In case of injury or accident, a group can better manage problems e.g. the best strategy is to head off with two vehicles so that even if there is a problem with one of the vehicles, you can use the other one as a “backup”.
  • Budget: sharing 4×4 rental and gas costs. You also get in a stronger position to negotiate group prices.
  • Sharing equipment: first aid kit, bivouac…
  • Sharing skills: linguistics, photography, video, mechanics…
  • Company: share emotions!

Together we are stronger !


  • Thanks to this travel community, it is possible to invite other members to bring input.
  • It is always possible to benefit from other members feedback.
  • Lessons learned from other travelers are logged in our articles and on our dedicated facebook group “Voyage Off-Road 4×4 & moto”.
bivouac feu de camp sauvage Kirghizistan

Shared emotions make a better journey

Join us on our discussion group to prepare your next overland travel destinations or share your experiences!

Our members will strive to answer all your questions (destinations, bivouac, mechanics, etc.).