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Our travel photography and video equipmenticone iran marron 200

You will find here the photo and video equipment of the founders of OunTravela, Olivia & Victor, as well as Clermont Fu, member of the team.

Victor, in love with aerial photography, broke his piggy bank for the last drone of DJI last September for his motorcycle trip to Ladakh!

After 6 years of using her first SLR, Olivia finally opted for a full-size Mirrorless for her departure to Laos in January 2019! Combining image quality for the photo and video features, his choice fell on the Sony alpha7III.

Clermont, faithful to the reflex since many years, it sports the suberbe Canon 5D Mark IV.

Photography & Video



To check Victor & Clermont equipments, please visit this page on an PC.


gx80 hybride tout terrain

The GX80 LUMIX is the device that, for its price, makes a lot of it! An excellent device to take your first steps in photography/video. Full of features, a very advanced video mode with stabilization as a bonus! An unbeatable value for money (still in 2019!). This 4/3 hybrid is lightweight and very compact. An ideal travel partner. Coupled with the 25mm F1.4 lens, it creates wonders. You can enjoy its video virtues in my latest Ladakh video here!



14-140mm F3.5 with this lens, everything can be done! I use it mainly for filming. The lens is stabilized and the large zoom enables one to take beautiful shots.

25mm F1.4 an ideal luminous optic for portraits. This lens is my favorite 🙂 A super piqué.

7-14mm F4 a wide-angle lens that can capture a whole scene with minimal distortion. Perfect for great ountravelesque outdoors!

a7iii matériel photo voyage

The Sony Alpha7III is the new kid! After 6 years in which my little Nikon D5300 reflex camera served me loyally, I decided to buy a full-format hybrid from Sony. Indeed I’m seeking to develop my video practice and this case met all my needs. I’ll share a feedback with you as soon as I have manipulated it a bit!



Sony ZEISS 55mm F1.8 The ideal lens for portraiture and reportage: a wide opening, a beautiful bokeh. I couldn’t expect to start better this brand new year!

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 The perfect transtandard for travel, but it’s a shame it doesn’t go down to 24mm. Voted as the best standard zoom lens for hybrid 2018-2019, it has the advantage of being tropicalized.

Wide angle lens in the process of reflection! It will complement these two lenses; I expect prices are more affordable.



DJI Ronin S  We haven’t had the chance to use it during our travels but can’t wait! We look forward to make progress in video and this tool will be of major help. Some features like the Time Lapse in motion are really interesting!

d53000 nikon tout terrain

The Nikon D5300 is the ideal reflex for beginners in photography wishing to make progress using the manual mode. In video, it really shows a very good image quality (Full HD, 50p) with no stabilization and the rotating screen is super useful! For the photo, the picture quality is just superb up to 3200 ISO: with a luminous lens (like the Nikkor 50mm 1.4) I could take pictures in the evening without a problem. It also has Wifi and a GPS. After 6 years of use, I had nothing left to discover about its capabilities, but I recommend it to all beginners! For people at the advanced level, I rather recommend D7200 (APS-C) or the D750 (Full-format).


50mm F1.4 Nikkor My favorite lens! In fact, I only took this lens for all my last trips! Light, luminous; it is perfect for reportage (portrait, scenes of life…).

85mm F1.8 Nikkor A lens that I rarely take with me on a trip because it’s less versatile, yet it’s perfect for portraiture!

EN +

Filter: UV polarizing filter (Hoya HMC UV(c) 58mm)

Extra battery: 1 extra battery (Nikon EN-EL14a)

5d mark iv voyage photo

The 5D mark IV is the perfect case in all conditions. He came with me to Oman without any problem. Down there, we faced temperatures higher than 122°F (50°C). We’ve been also in -61°F (-25°C) temperatures, up in Lapland, and walked under torrential rains in Taiwan as well. Its image quality is excellent, as well as a nice ISO upgrade, and its reactivity is just great! I have no more excuses to miss THE shot.



Canon 50mm F1.2 A lens with an incredible opening and a rendering, my essential for portraits. It’s my little darling!

Canon 24-70mm F2.8 II   The most versatile lens and the most qualitative one! both wide angle and good zoom, while keeping a constant opening at 2.8, in dark or urgent situations, it is my perfect ally. If I had to travel with only one lens, it would be this one.

Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS III A lens that is easily noticed (large size), but very useful to take pictures without coming into the sphere of intimacy of my subject. Its stabilization as well as its opening to 2.8. are a big plus.

Canon 17-40mm F4 An old ultra-wide angle lens that I find very competent; the best value for money in my opinion at Canon if you want an ultra-wide angle. I use it for our timelapses and our pictures of landscapes.

EN +

Filter: The HOYA PRO1 UV for all day and to protect the lense. For very sunny day, the filtre polarisant Pro1D HOYA works fine.

Extra battery: the pack LOOKit comes with 2 battery (850mAh) and a charge desk (very good value). 

Trépied: le Ravelli 127cm en Aluminium est vraiment très léger et c’était ma priorité lors du choix d’achat. Idéal pour ne pas s’encombrer pendant un voyage.

Carte mémoire: 2 cards SANDISK – 128 GO classe 10, U3, V30 Cette carte SD est rapide et marche parfaitement avec le GX80, notamment en vidéo 4K.

EN +

Filtre: Filtre UV polarisant (Hoya HMC UV(c) 58mm)

Batterie sup: 1 batterie supplémentaire (Sony NP-FZ100)

Trepied: Vanguard Alta 253CT en carbone, léger et solide, il est assez compact pour le transporter le long du sac. Accompagné d’une rotule Manfrotto

Carte mémoire: 3 cartes SD Sandisk Extreme 64 Go. Je préfère avoir plusieurs cartes par sécurité.

EN +

Filtre: HOYA UV pour protéger tout mes objectifs et un filtre HOYA à densité ND variable.

Batterie sup: 3 batteries supplémentaire (LPE6N CANON). Les batteries se déchargent plus vite dans les pays froids!

Trepied: GITZO gt1532 L’élite des trepied, poids plume, resistance incroyable, je l’utilise pour mes roadtrips en 4×4 (car il prend de la place). Sinon j’utilise celui de Manfrotto plus petit, avec un bras articulant central.

Carte mémoire: 3 cartes SD Sandisk Extreme 64 Go. Je préfère avoir plusieurs cartes par sécurité.

Drone : DJI Mavic PRO 2

mavic pro 2 dji
drone ladakh nubra vallée dunes sable

DJI Mavic Pro 2 

Compared to the previous version, the new DJI Mavic Pro offers, thanks to its one-inch sensor, a superb image quality!

Aerial photos are for us inseparable from this type of trip in large spaces.

We chose to take it with the combo pack and insurance DJI care to enjoy this little toy!

Pack Combo: MAVIC 2 PRO

Micro SD: SANDISK – 128 Go Extreme

Assurance: DJI Care refresh

mavic 2 ladakh panikhar

Stockage & Battery

SSD externe

SSD ultra portable tout terrain

We traveled with an external 1TB SSD hard disk from SanDisk. In the field, this tiny little hard drive is really very useful! It works on a Mac as well as on Windows. Transfer speeds are very high and it is especially very robust. Again, it is extremely tiny. So much that it can be held in the palm of my hand! This is THE all-terrain hard drive of excellence! 


Batterie externe 26800

batterie externe ravpower pour voyager

It is a must-have to go on a road trip. We advise you to have one or two! The RAVPower battery  can charge up to 3 devices at the same time and has a large capacity! After several tests of external batteries, this one has a very interesting size/capacity ratio! It is also available in USB C.