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Georgia border crossings and border permits

This page contains all the latest updates about the Georgia border crossings and border permit.

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Map of Georgia border crossings

Below, you will find a map of the main border crossings in Georgia. This map is taken from the book EXPLORE GEORGIA. You can buy a printed version here.

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Georgia border crossings

Entering Georgia by land

There are very few requirements for entry into Georgia, especially for Europeans who (in theory) only need to present a valid ID. Corruption at border crossings are rare and customs protocol is usually quick and easy. The list of border crossings open to foreigners can be found below. Be aware that the list of open border crossings is liable to constant change depending on the geopolitical and sanitary situations. 

You can enter the country with your vehicle without paying customs taxes for a total of three months. You do not require a Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD). For a stay longer than three months in Georgian territory, a few options are available:

  • Exit and re-enter Georgian territory. If you do so, your countdown will be reset and you will have three additional tax-free months with your vehicle.
  • Temporarily import your vehicle. Customs authorities can swap your number plates with Georgian ones for a total of three years maximum. It is recommended that you seek assistance from a local during this procedure, because it can be long and laborious. You will need to go to the Rustavi customs office.

If you do not sort out your legal situation by the end of the three-month period, you will pay a fine upon exiting Georgian territory.

Main border crossings open to foreigners in Georgia

BorderBorder postCommentary
Türkiye-GeorgiaPosof-ValeOpen for foreign visitors. The crossing is open 24/7 for transport lorries and from 08:00 to 19:00 for passenger vehicles. Numerous renovation works are underway and, whilst there is no ATM, there are exchange offices.
Cildir - AktasThis crossing is open 24/7 for foreign visitors. There are no ATMs, but exchange offices are available.
Hopa - SarpiOpen to foreign visitors and allowing pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes and cars alike. This is the busiest border crossing, so there may be a wait. There is an ATM on the Georgian side as well as currency exchange offices.
Armenia-GeorgiaBagratashen - Sadakhlo
Open to foreign visitors.
Gogavan - GugutiOpen to foreign visitors.
Bavra - NinotsmindaOpen to foreign visitors.
Azerbaijan-GeorgiaLagodekhi - BalakanOpen to foreign visitors.
Tsiteli/Red Bridge - Shikhli/SixliOpen to foreign visitors.
Gardabani - Boyuk KasikOpen to foreign visitors but can only be crossed by train.
Russia-GeorgiaZemo Larsi - Verkhnij LarsAfter being shut for a long time after the 2008 war, this border crossing is now open to foreign visitors. Motorised vehicles and bikes are allowed, but not pedestrians. If you are a pedestrian, you will have to hitchhike or travel by bus. Allow time because there is often a wait due to the many lorries which cross this border.
South Ossetia-GeorgiaAll border crossings between Georgia and South Ossetia are closed to international visitors. South Ossetia can only be accessed through Russian territory.
Abkhazia-GeorgiaInguriA visa is required to enter Abkhazia through Georgian territory. Beware, only pedestrians are permitted to pass through this border crossing. It is forbidden to enter Abkhazia through Georgian territory in a vehicle. Here is the procedure you will need to follow to obtain a visa:
1- Apply for an e-visa:
2- Print 3 copies of the confirmation letter.
3- In the 3 days following your entry in Abkhazian territory, you will be required to go to the consular service where you will be provided with a visa.

Georgia-Russia border crossing [Update January 2023]

Relations between Georgia and Russia have remained tense since the 2008 conflict and the war in Ukraine that started in February 2022 has not improved the situation. At the time of publication of this guide in December 2022, the security situation in Georgia remains unchanged, but it can change rapidly, particularly in the separatist provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In addition, this war may disrupt access routes, land and sea transport for several months or years.

Travelling to Abkhazia and South Ossetia

The two Georgian separatist provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia declared themselves independent after the fall of the USSR in 1992. After years of tension and recurrent conflict between the separatist groups and the Georgian authorities, the separation finally became irreversible after the war in 2008 which led to Russia’s permanent military occupation of both territories. Is it possible to travel to these provinces?


We do not recommend tourists travel to Abkhazia via Georgian territory, even though, officially, nothing prevents you from doing so. The area around the occupation line is dangerous. If you then travel to Russia from Abkhazia, you will not be allowed to return to Georgia with the same passport. Beware also that if you return to Georgia after having entered Russia through Abkhazian territory, you will risk a costly fine and a prison sentence for you will have entered Georgian territory illegally.

South Ossetia

The border crossings between South Ossetia and Georgia are closed to foreign visitors. Access to the border areas with South Ossetia is regulated, so a border permit is required to travel on Routes 23, 24 and part of Route 1.

Vehicle insurance in Georgia

Since 2018, the Georgian government has required car insurance to enter the country. This measure is called “Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Foreign-Registered Motor Vehicle Holders”. You can buy this insurance upon your arrival at the border or do it in advance on the Compulsory Insurance Centre’s official website: www.tpl.ge/en

As an example, 30 days’ worth of insurance for a car costs 50 GEL and for a motorbike it costs 35 GEL.

Georgia border permits

Some border areas are subject to strict regulations regarding the circulation of people, especially foreigners. In these areas, a border permit is required. 

Truso Valley

📍 Route 1 of the guide Explore Georgia

A permit is required to go beyond the Zakagori military post in the Truso Valley. Please note that this section of the track, bordering South Ossetia, is level 5 due to a dangerous ford crossing (route prohibited for rental vehicles). To obtain this border permit, you will have to explain to the military that you want to visit the area as a tourist, and how long you plan to stay there. Present your passport and you will receive the border permit 30 minutes later (if the authorities are cooperative). The permit is free.

Vashlovani to Udabno

📍 Routes 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the guide Explore Georgia

This border area with Azerbaijan is very controlled. A border permit is required for Routes 7, 8 and 9. An authorization for the Vashlovani National Park is required for Routes 6 and 7. Finally, an authorization for the Chachuna reserve is required for Route 8. The procedure for obtaining these permits and authorisations is detailed in the box opposite.

Mamisoni and Notsara pass

📍 Routes 23 and 24 of the guide Explore Georgia

these two routes border South Ossetia and require a border permit which will be issued to you in Oni. The Border Police is located on Baazovi Street  42.59144, 43.45217. If you’re doing both routes, make that clear, as the permissions are different for each. The permit is free.

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